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Side Effects From Sleep Apnea

Having recognized the symptoms and side-effects, try and understand the importance of taking care of it, you might be wondering what to do next. Sleep Apnea Help is available in many places. Whether it’s you, your husband, wife, child or anyone close to you, there’s help and treatment for everyone.

Depending on the location there are many avenues to take to find the help needed in taking steps to treat your sleep apnea.

Where Do You Start?

Your family doctor is probably the first and wisest step to get started. Many people without a family doctor can also begin with a medical clinic. As sleep apnea is becoming more popular, so are the sleep clinics. There is a chance one could be close to you. Another option is the Health Link. No reason to put your health at risk. Getting started is easy.


The most common treatment so far is the CPAP therapy. It is not a cure but a control. CPAP therapy can be useful with all three types of sleep apnea. Not everyone is comfortable with CPAP therapy. It requires a mask and headgear.

The chin strap is another alternative. It is designed to lift on your chin and keep your airways open.

A qualified dentist can also provide treatment for sleep apnea as well — a dental appliance designed to keep your tongue in place, therefore, keeping the airway open.

Weight gain is a cause of sleep apnea as well. A weight loss program can help control sleep apnea.

Surgery is also an option. It involves the removal of the tissue build up that is restricting the free flow of the airway.

These are choices to help everyone in all walks of life. Keep in mind the pros and cons. Some treatments work for some and may not work for others. As sleep apnea has become more common, so are the options for treatment.


Before choosing the right treatment researching your options is an excellent idea. Getting on the internet and explore what is right for you. Knowing the pros and cons of each treatment will help you make the right decision. As some procedures are sufficient but permanent and expensive. Doing extensive research can prove to be beneficial and cost-effective. Only you can decide what is best for you.

After you’re aware of all the treatments available, you will probably have a better understanding of what would work best for your situation. Understanding each one will be very beneficial in the next step. It will also help you realize the importance of taking action to deal with sleep apnea. Keeping in mind sleep apnea does have serious side effects; it cannot continue without treatment.

Available Products


CPAP therapy is the most common type of treatment for sleep apnea. Although being said it is not for everyone. There are many types of machines available. These days CPAP machines are designed for everyone. Find the one that suits you

2. The Mask

The masks come in three different styles:

a. Nasal Pillow. Designed to fit into your nostrils. Great for people with claustrophobia

b. Nasal Cup. It is made to cover your nose only and appears to be a favorite for a lot of users

c. Full Face Mask. Similar design to the nasal cup but is made to cover your nose and mouth.

Each type of mask is unique and can offer comfort. You may prefer one over the other or for health reasons require a specific type. Each facial mask requires a strap, also known as headgear. Headgear comes in a variety of styles and designs as well.

3. Chin Stap

The chin strap is probably the least expensive product out there. Recent studies have proved that it is very ineffective in controlling OSA (obstructive sleep apnea)

4. Oral/Dental Appliance

Oral appliance therapy is for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea who cannot tolerate CPAP.


Now that you have come this far we’re hoping to have given you a better understanding of Sleep Apnea, It is manageable, and life can be enjoyed having it. Talk to people with it and have it controlled. Guaranteed you are going to find out the positive outcomes are going to outweigh the negative by far.

Studies have shown the CPAP method is the most effective method for controlling sleep apnea. The options are increasing all the time with a variety of products. No matter who you are or what you do, there is something for everyone. Everyday people, travelers, campers, the list goes on, and there are products out there and available. CPAP is the only method that can control all three types of sleep apnea.

Although CPAP may not be a choice for everyone, you have some insight into some options what might be right for you.

Weight gain is also a contributing factor to sleep apnea. A weight loss program of some type can eliminate sleep apnea.

We hope that you have decided to take charge. No matter the choice you make, make a healthy choice.


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