Living with Sleep Apnea and enjoying life with CPAP

You might be wondering how does life go on after you find out that you now have sleep apnea. There is no reason to worry. There are many solutions available to everyone. Millions of people have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and continue living a healthy lifestyle. I want to share my experience of living with sleep apnea and enjoying life. First off, I can tell you once you have acquired the proper treatment you will start to notice the effect it will have on your daily routine. Don’t think that having sleep apnea will handicap your life. You will be pleasantly surprised at the change once you start the proper treatment. The difference in your energy level will probably be the first noticeable along with a good nights rest. Say goodbye to the tired days, headaches, lack of focus and the list goes on.

The side effects of sleep apnea and knowing the seriousness of them can be very stressful as well. Knowing that you have taken control and reducing those risks will allow you to enjoy life a lot more.

Being diagnosed with sleep apnea is the first step moving forward. Knowing your options and choosing what is right for you is the next step.

Most Common Option

The CPAP machine is the most common and effective treatment so far. Eighteen years ago I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and I was introduced to the CPAP machine and have never tried anything different since. It was the most common treatment and still is today. CPAP  (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) has been proven to be useful for the three main types of sleep apnea. I have three machines now and still have the very first one from 18yrs ago (still works great). Wondering why 3? So am I. But through the years some people acquire things and have a hard time throwing good stuff away. Yes, I am one of them!

As time goes by, everyone knows technology is advancing at high speed. Always something better and more advanced is being introduced all the time. My lifestyle required frequent travel so I thought of packing and unpacking the same machine, maybe a second machine would be more accessible. Then your first machine is aging, and you begin to wonder how much longer? You are probably starting to get the picture.

Although with proper care and maintenance, like everything else, your investment will give you years of excellent service.



Whether your flying or driving, packing your  CPAP machine is just as easy as packing a travel bag or suitcase. It can be with the same device as well. Not to worry about purchasing another one. There are other machines available, depending on your situation, you can be comfortable knowing there is something for everyone.

For those of you that travel by plane and sometimes have long trips overnight, smaller compact CPAP machines have been developed to take with you and use while you are sleeping in the seat of the airplane.



Where I live, and I’m sure where you live also, camping may be very popular. The CPAP option is prevalent for this as well. Newly designed battery packs, inverters, and other outdoor products are available to accommodate the needs of these enthusiasts. It won’t matter if you have a camper or tent; there is a way to use CPAP in these situations.

No Need to Worry

No need to worry, living with sleep apnea is merely painless. It might be a little change to your healthy lifestyle, but a small price to pay compared to the cost of ignoring the symptoms.

Living an enjoyable life with Sleep Apnea and a CPAP is easy. When I  discovered that I had it, there was a lot of thought of what do I do now. I had only known one other person with it at the time and had no idea what life would be like with it. I’m hoping that sharing my life experiences with it and my constant research will help others to feel more relaxed.


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