CPAP Machines and Accessories for Traveling

Having sleep apnea doesn’t have to be a handicap. Technology is making life very easy with a range of products for every lifestyle, including CPAP machines and accessories for traveling. There are many options out there. Thanks for visiting this site and moving forward I would like to introduce you to a few options available. You may have a preference for packing up your home machine or maybe wanting to have a second machine that is packed and ready to go. Either way works whichever your preference may be. Below I will show you a couple of popular brands that are more compact and might be the choice to consider.

Keep in mind when flying it is good practice to have your CPAP machine in your possession as a carry-on. And those are words of experience. Opening your luggage after a flight and looking at a broken CPAP machine will ruin your day. And good luck trying to get compensation from the Airline.

Popular Products

ResMed AirMini

Resmed seems to be the most popular of all products and is a personal preference of mine as well. It has offered years of trouble-free service. Resmed started in 1989 and has been creating solutions for sleep disorders ever since.

The Resmed AirMini is the world’s smallest CPAP machine. How little you ask? It can fit in the palm of your hand! Here is something to think about if you are on an overnight flight and need to get a good night sleep. Arriving at your destination well rested may be vital as it could be business or pleasure. Either way, you know that you can start your day fresh.

Dreamstation Auto

The Dreamstation Auto is a Phillips/Respironics product. It is a well-established and reliable branded product that has been in business for a while. Choosing a trouble free product is essential when traveling with sleep apnea. The last thing you need during your travels is having your CPAP fail.

Dreamstation Auto is another great product for travel. It is also lightweight and compact. Less expensive of the two.


Power Supplies.

A power supply can offer power to you when ac power is unavailable. There are two types of the same brand that are each designed to work with the Resmed AirMini and the Dreamstation by Phillips/Respironics.

Pilot-24 lite 

The Pilot-24 lite CPAP battery is compatible with ResMed products.

Pilot-12 lite 

This CPAP battery is compatible with the Phillips/Respironics products

These two batteries are very similar in design. Having a fully charged battery will offer two nights of power. They can be recharged using a/c, or there is a solar charger available if electricity is unavailable.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning wipes are convenient to have with you when traveling. Your mask requires daily cleaning, and I have chosen the wipes as the most suitable for myself.

So clean is a new product that has recently arrived on the market. It is a great product and is something to consider for home use and also for traveling. If you desire to pack this with you, it certainly can be done. You might be gone for an extended period and want to have it with you.









Travel Bags and Cases

Packing your travel machine has a couple of options as well. Shown here are a couple of items that will make things a little easier

The hard case is for the Dreamstation CPAP. My personal preference would be the bag as you can pack your CPAP equipment and a few other necessities when traveling and use it as a carry -on.


Traveling with CPAP and accessories takes a while to adjust to if you are new to the therapy. But like anything else, it takes a little time. It will all get it easier sooner than you might think. There is no need to ignore sleep apnea therapy because you are not comfortable with change.

No matter what kind of travel you chose there are many choices out there. I have traveled with CPAP all the time since I started therapy and technology has come a long way over the years. My travel was mostly work related being a trucker, and there were times when I was sleeping in a truck and using CPAP

Sharing 20 years of personal experience with you and listening to other ideas from everyone is an excellent way of improving the way we live with sleep apnea.

If you have any great ideas or concerns, please leave a comment. I would be happy to share my knowledge or learn from yours to help improve life for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by.



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